Library Regulations

1.  Membership requirements

Generally anyone who lives, works, or studies in the area can join the library.  Those who visit the area on a regular basis can also join.

Adults wishing to join the library are required to produce one formal document with their printed name and address.

Acceptable proof of address:
Rent book, bank/building society statement, pension/benefit book, utilities bill, tenancy agreement, council tax bill, letter from tax office, credit/store card statement, driving licences.

Children are required to have a parent/guardian/carer with them to sign the membership card as guarantor and show a document with their name and address.
If the parent/guardian/carer is unable to accompany the child, a membership form and card can be given to the child to be filled in and signed at home and returned a proof of parent/guardian/carer’s name and address.

Young adults
Young adults (aged 15–17 who are not subject to parental supervision) can register individually if they are able to show official proof of address and signature.
Alternatively, they may use their parent/guardian/carer as their guarantor and to show proof of name address as long as the guarantor, on the applicant’s behalf, signs the membership card.

Teachers/Playgroup leaders 
Teachers/Playgroup leaders are required to show proof of their home address and an inspection certificate or registration document, or a DFEE card from the education authority for which they are working.

Short Term Residents 
Those in temporary accommodation are required to show a document confirming their temporary address.
Students are required to show a document from the education institute that they are attending together with confirmation of the address at which they are staying.
Au pairs are required to show a letter from the family they are working for which confirms that the au pair is living at their address.
Asylum seekers are required to show a document from the Home Office confirming their name and address.

2. Reader definitions

Children are deemed to be 0-14. Loan charges are payable on some audio/visual items. See charges leaflet.

Young Adults are teenagers aged 15-17.  Fines are payable at the concessionary rate for the late return of borrowed items and loan charges are payable on all audio/visual items. See charges leaflet.

Adults are 18 to 59.  Fines and charges are payable at the adult rate for the late return of all borrowed items (including children’s items).  Loan charges are payable on all audio/visual items.  See charges leaflet.

Pensioners are adults aged 60 and over.  Loan charges are payable on all audio/visual items.  See charges leaflet.

8. Use of membership cards

By signing your membership card you are agreeing to abide by the library regulations, to pay any charges for late return, to pay for any damage or loss of library materials borrowed on your membership and to notify us of any change of address.

To protect borrowers from having to pay fines and charges incurred by others, membership cards are for the sole use of the signatory only and use by another person is not permitted unless specified in writing by the card holder.

The replacement of lost membership cards will incur a fee. See charges.

Note: It is essential to returned items via the self-service machines as all items remain the responsibility of the borrower until they are removed from the membership record.