Membership and Borrowing Information

Opening Times

Mondays 1pm to 5pm
Tuesdays 10am to 7pm
(please note we are now open across the lunch period)
Thursdays 9.30am to 7pm (please note we are now open across the lunch period)
Saturdays 9am to 5pm.

Although our telephone number is normally 020 8670 2551, due to a technical problem we have a temporary telephone number which is 020-7926 1063.

Membership information

To join the library please bring an official document dated within the last three months, which has your name and your current address printed on it e.g. utility or council tax bill, bank or building society letter/statement, pension or benefit book/letter, rent book or tenancy agreement, letter from tax office.
Secondly, you will also need to bring proof of your signature e.g. credit/debit card, bank card, tenancy agreement, driving licence or passport.
If you are under 18 your parent/carer will be required to sign as your guarantor. Parent/carers can join their babies and children at any age. Members and guarantors will be asked to sign a membership card.
By signing your membership card you are agreeing to abide by the library regulations, to pay any charges for late return or damage of library materials borrowed on your membership and to notify us of any change of address.

Lost membership cards

If you lose your membership card please go to the Enquiry desk to have it replaced. The cost for replacement cards is £2.50 for adults: £1.50 for pensioners & young adults: £1 for children.

Borrowing information

Items for loan
Books, DVDs  (TV, film & non-fiction)
Music CDs
Story CDs (Talking Books)
Language tapes & CDs
NB: Some DVDs are overnight loan only. We cannot guarantee that all media items will play on all machines.

Items are issued for the loan periods listed below and can be renewed as long as they have not been reserved by another library member. Please have your library membership card with you as we cannot issue any items without it.
Books & Story CDs – 3 weeks
Language Sets – 3 weeks
Non-fiction CDs & DVDs – 3 weeks
Music CDs – 2 weeks
DVDs Film & TV – 1 week

When returning items it is essential to hand them to the counter staff as all items are your responsibility until they are deleted from your membership.
As we are not obligated to send out overdue reminders, it is advisable to keep a close eye on the due dates of return for all items borrowed to avoid fines being incurred.

Please have your library membership card with you when renewing in person or by telephone.  When an item is renewed, a new due date plus a renewal code is given and it is important that this information be written on the date label of each item renewed as your proof of renewal, otherwise fines may be charged.
Telephone renewals are not always possible on memberships with outstanding charges so please come in person to the library to renew your items and pay any outstanding charges.  Fines will also be charged if an item is overdue before it is renewed.
Renewals are not possible for items that have been reserved by another library member and must be returned by the due date otherwise a daily fine will be charged.  Books, talking books and language tapes may be renewed three times then they must be returned in order to keep the stock circulating.  The remaining audio/visual material such as music CDs & DVDs (except overnight loans) may be renewed once only.  However, all audio/visual items will incur a further loan charge when they are renewed, so it is advisable to calculate the fine before asking to renew these items.  Loan charges for renewed audio/visual items are payable when the items are returned to the library. Overnight loan DVDs are not renewable, as the daily fine is the same amount as the daily loan charge.

Holiday loan extensions
Books may be given an extended loan if you will be away on holiday when they are due for return.  Please ask at the counter when borrowing your books, or bring them in for renewal before you go, as these extensions cannot be given over the telephone. Unfortunately, loan extensions cannot be given for any purpose other than holidays, or on audio/visual media.

How many items can I borrow?

Adults & Pensioners
Young Adults
Books 14 14 10
DVDs 6 4* 4*
Music CDs 8 8 Not available to Children
Story CDs 8 8 4*
Language Sets 1 1 1*

           * From Children’s selection only

All lending books in stock may be reserved.  New fiction and some recently published non-fiction books may also be reserved at the discretion of the Principal or Chief Librarian.  Please ask at the Enquiry desk. Audio/visual items cannot be reserved. The cost to reserve an item is £1 for adults: 60p for pensioners & young adults: 30p for children.