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A Healthier Way for Children to snack

Children never seem to sit still for long, do they? Combine that non-stop energy with the fact that they are growing and developing quickly makes it an important time for them to eat plenty of nutritious food.

The sad fact is we live in a junk food obsessed society. Advertisements everywhere point towards fast food restaurants with cheap, quick and easy snacks, making us forget how easy and fun it can be to eat healthy and nutritious food.

Tip: make food fun by making your very own veggie owl. 


A few colourful, simple snacks like pepper strips, nuts, seeds, or a banana keep young children occupied, happy and hunger-free. With some pre planning we can ensure children are getting the nutrition they need to grow big and strong.

Here’s a few of our favourite ideas for tempting fun alternatives. The key is to experiment, bringing senses alive with fun flavours and colourful appearances making healthy eating a way of life for you and your child.

Babybel Cheese

The popular on the go snack for small and big kids, alike. Packed full of calcium, helping muscles, bones and teeth to grow and protein to keeping them fuller for longer.

babybel-ladybirdsTip: add an olive for the head and use an edible felt tip pen to add some black dots on a Babybel to make your very own ladybird.




Although they contain fructose (so should be eaten in moderation) these are still a much better alternative to the refined sugar found in sweets or chocolate and provide a touch of sweetness to ensure your little one doesn’t feel left out.

Cake and Biscuits

Although these are always going to be a slight indulgence there are ways to give your family favourites a healthier spin.

Fresh Ginger Biscuits

These are super easy to make and the fresh ginger will help protect your child’s tummy and aid their digestion, and of course the added fruit brings natural sweetness instead of refined sugar.

Pumpkin or Courgette Cake

Picking a veg to be the star attraction of a cake can be a fantastic way to get one of their 5 a day into their tums and is the perfect way to get your child to experiment with foods. Wait till after it’s all been eaten up to tell them of its more unusual mix of ingredients – they will never refuse courgette again!

Find an excuse to bake – have you got a freezer full of pumpkin left over from last month?

It is easy to assume that kids can be fussy when it comes to food, but this isn’t always the case. Once they’ve tried something new and are pleased with the flavour and how it looks, they will soon want more. Healthy snacks will become a natural way of eating. You might have already cracked meal times, now you can breathe a sigh of relief that snack times are sorted too!

Norvillés uses pumpkins, zucchini, carrots, apple, sultanas, raisins, ginger, poppy seeds, avocado, sweet potato and lots more natural ingredients to cook the healthy food and snacks we provide at the Upper Norwood Library Hub, so come in and try a slightly more guilt-free treat!