Regular Events

 2 Rs Reading GroupReading Group

This group meets on the third Thursday of each month at 2pm in the library. 

What have you read recently? Did you love it, or hate it?

Why not simply turn up and take part in this group?
This Reading Group doesn’t always work in the traditional fashion, where everybody reads the same book and reports their reactions, thrashing it to death with literary criticism. Sometimes, each member brings a book they have read and outlines why they liked it, or hated it. That way, members are exposed to books and authors that they wouldn’t normally choose and perhaps haven’t even heard of.
Hopefully your book will have been found on the library shelves or if not perhaps you think it ought to be! So if you want to share your views on something you’ve read, or just listen to people sounding off about books, this is the group for you.
If you think you might be interested, just turn up, or ask at the Library’s enquiry desk. Alternatively, contact Roland. All are welcome!

Membership is free to members of the library (the Library kindly lets us use a room for free), just a small contribution if you want tea or coffee – bring your own biscuits.
Meetings last until about 4pm, depending on the numbers of those attending.

Contact Roland Rosser on 020 8653 8399 or